The world’s weirdest fetishes

Even if it is something normal to have a fetish or two, there are people who like to experience weirder stuff. So if you thought that you are a freak because you ask your wife to dress like a school girl, you should know that there are stranger things in the world.
For example there are people attracted to trees. Yes, you read corectly. They are turned on by trees. Usually the hippies have this fantasy. They masturbate in the woods or actually have sexual intercourses there.
Did you know that some men are turned on if they dress like a baby? Yes, with diapers and all. They like to cry like babies and expect their “mommy” to come and change them. They usually like to suck their partner’s nipples like they were milky.
Then there is this fetish free live sexchat for elder persons. Usually young girls have this desire, especially if the old ones are rich too. But men also love to sleep with much older women and they can not be attracted by persons of the same age.
Not long ago I have seen a video with a guy obsessed with his teddy bear. No, not Mr. Bean. But still, he only wanted to masturbate with that teddy bear. Weird enough?
Another weird fetish is the one implying statues or mannequins. Or even worse, there are men who love to have fetish live sex on webcam with an inflatable doll. But that is not a secret anymore.
Did you ever heard about those who like masturbating with cold objects? Yes, they exist. And they just love frozen things.
There are also men who like to make a woman cry and only then to fuck her. How sick is that? Well, that is true, tears just turn them on like hell.
I bet you all have heard of necrophilia. I know it sounds even sicker, but there are people attracted to corps. Many famous serial killers were necrophiliac.
As you can see, there are many forms of expressing your desires but take care, not to shock someone or to scare someone. If you think your fetish is too dangerous for the others around, choose a special place to practice it or appeal to someone specialised in fetishes who could help you. Your health is more important, but if you get frustrated without your weird fetish , then just feel free to do it!

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Online web camgirls dating – love at first type

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Always use safewords in BDSM sex cam sessions

Is important for you to know, especially if you are a beginner, that bondage sexcams implies a wide range of practices, and some of them can become dangerous if you are not careful enough. So if you are searching for a partner or you just found yourself a new partner, just make sure that you have a safety code, so you won’t hurt each other.
For example, when you are playing a scene that implies a whip, you should use a word that would mean that you can’t take it anymore. The most commonly used safe words are the colors  – red, yellow and green. Every color has a meaning. For example red means that everything has to stop immediately. Yellow means that the dominant part should slow down a little, to let the other take a breath and then continue. And the green word means, of course, that you want the other to continue whatever is he doing.
The point is to use a word that you won’t usually use in a scene, such as “bunny rabbit” or “open windows”. Who would ever think at a bunny while is spanked? It is important not to trust anybody who says that he is a BDSM sex cam veteran. You should firstly know the person, build a relationship that doesn’t implies any BDSM practice and only after you trust him or her enough, you can play a scene or two to see how it is. There are many submissive-haters and they only want to harm you. In that case safewords won’t make the difference. They will try to fool you that these words will protect you from whatever, but it is not true.
A safe code should be present in any kind of BDSM relationship and never let the other one to cross your limits because it really can be dangerous. So if you don’t trust the one you want to have a role play, then don’t give him your home address, the place you work and so on. There are many psychos and you should avoid them.
If you are already involved in a relationship and you both decided to get into the wonderful world of BDSM, then discuss with your partner about safe words. Safe word can also be used as a code. Think at something that you both know what it means but you would never use in the given situation. This way you will assure that your games don’t become too harsh for the other one and your fun is assured.

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